By using our website, Facebook page or by booking us to use our services you agree to our following terms and conditions:-

1. All goods are hired unless stated otherwise. They remain the property "Paul McNeill t/a Caesar’s Party Supplies".

2. The period of hire begins when decor arrives at the venue and ends when it is collected from the

venue. Hire prices are for 1 days hire, not including set up and collection days. Alternative durations

of hire available on request.

3. During the period of hire, the hirer is solely responsible for the hired goods and not the venue. You

should therefore arrange suitable insurance as required. If there are any missing items upon collection we will charge you directly for these and you may thereafter, if appropriate raise this cost with your venue or hotel.

4. Please ensure you provide a full address for your venue, including post code, contact phone number, email address of your wedding co-ordinator and the most important, accurate access times. Please ask wherever possible early access times to enable us to have a wide ranging access time to fit with our schedule that day. We can not be held responsible if a venue does not grant us access in good time for set-up and completion of the venue décor.

5. Please do read over this booking form carefully it is your responsibility to ensure all details are correct and contact us in writing to advise of any discrepancies or inaccuracies.

6. At the time of booking a payment to account of 25% of your balance or £100 (whichever is the lesser amount) is payable. This payment to account is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. A balance of 50% is payable six months before your event and the remainder is payable three months before. In the event of cancellation full payment will be required if the event is cancelled within six months of the even date. In the event of cancellation before the six month period any money paid to us over and above your 25% payment to account will be refunded. (the figures and dates will be stated above).

7. Any changes to your ("the customer") order should be intimated to us two weeks prior to your event in writing to Claire@caesarsvenuestyling.co.uk Please send any email with changes with a read receipt request attached.

8. Cancellations – All payments to account are non-refundable. Balances are payable as follows 25% at the time of booking, 50% six months before your event date and the final balance three months before your event date.

9. With regard to errors in pricing or delivery charges we will contact you immediately and reserve the right to cancel any order which may have been incorrectly priced.

10. When delivering décor we are always guided by the venue as to which function room décor should be set up in. On arrival our team will give the name of the person booking the décor as a guide to which room to set up in. We accept no responsibility for décor set up in an incorrect function room when directed by a venue member or staff or someone acting on your behalf or on behalf of the venue. Any incorrect set-up which leads to décor in an incorrect as directed by your venue is not our responsibility and any refund request should be sent directly to the venue.

11 Your décor will be set up at least ½ hour before the party or function is due to start, however, in cases of force majeure we accept no responsibility for matters or events outwith our control. In cases of force majeure a full refund will be given, however, we accept no liability for any affect the lack of decoration may have on an event.

12 We reserve the right to change or move decorations where the venue ceiling height or other matters within the venue pose restrictions. There will be no refund given where we are forced to change decorations to compensate for inadequate space or ceiling height.

13. We reserve the right to change colours, for any reason. We will always keep within your colour theme and this shouldn’t affect your overall display but in case of changes to styles or tones by suppliers it may be we have to change a decoration.

14. Any permanent damage or loss of goods will be charged at full replacement costs – Chair covers £6.50, Table Cloths £25, Organza sashes £3, Taffeta or Cotton sashes £6, Napkins £3, Overlay Cloths £25, Table Runners £6, Table Mirrors £10. Love Letters £800, Fairylight Backdrop £1200, Fairylight Top Table Curtain £500, Fairylight Cake Skirt £300, Centrepieces £50 Permanent damage will include, but not be limited to, mildew, ink, crayon, fabric rips/pulls/tears/burns, earth or concrete stains and candle wax. Linen which has been dragged on the floor, stood on or used to wipe up spills will also be deemed to have sustained permanent damage and will be charged at full replacement costs. We understand and expect "normal" soiling, for example minor food and drink stains or light shoe scuffs. These will not be charged for and are catered for in our standard laundering process. Our decision is final however you may have a representative present at the time of collection to check the goods. When hiring our Post Box please ensure both the Post Box and the key are at the hotel reception for collection in the morning after your event. Failure to supply us with a key for the Post Box will result in a £140 replacement charge. Damaged goods remain the property of Paul McNeill t/a Caesar’s Party Supplies. Photographic evidence of damage will be provided to the hirer. Any query regarding charges for damage of hired goods should be made in writing to Paul McNeill t/a Caesar’s Party Supplies, Coathill Farm, Luggiebank, Cumbernauld G67 4AE our telephone number is 01236 729748.

15. Any person not the hirer (i.e. hotel/venue employee, event co-ordinator or wedding planner) who

signs a delivery/collection note is deemed to be authorised to do so by the hirer.

16. We will liaise with your venue to arrange delivery, set up and collection. It is your responsibility to

ensure that adequate access is granted on these occasions. Goods will only be collected from the

venue, unless agreed at time of booking. Some venues will remove chair covers and may charge

accordingly. Any such charges will be passed on to the hirer.

17. We will endeavour to deliver, set up and collect at a time suitable to you and your venue. Removal

will be as soon after your event as is possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that linen is kept dry

and secure until collection, even if being left at your venue.

18. Please note until your payment to account of 25% of your balance is paid there is no booking secured with us.

19. All payment must be made in advance. No credit is possible. Non-payment will be deemed as

cancellation and the goods will not be delivered.

20. Short notice bookings are sometimes possible, depending on availability. If you have less than 1

calendar month until your event, non-refundable full payment is required at time of booking. Payment

will be deemed to have been made upon cleared funds being made available to us.

21. Paul McNeill t/a Caesar’s Party Supplies shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or

property howsoever sustained arising from any goods under hire. We shall in no circumstances be

liable for any defect arising from wilful damage, abnormal usage conditions, failure to follow our

instruction (whether oral or written), misuse or alteration/repair of the linen without our approval.

22. We shall endeavour to supply you with the goods requested, but reserve the right to supply you with similar goods where necessary.

23. Any complaints should be made in writing formally to Paul McNeill t/a Caesar’s Party Supplies at the above address. Please note we will reply to written complaints only in the form of a reply letter.




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